Mediator PCI 4000Di
Mediator PCI  4000Di

Enjoy PCI in your Amiga
Mediator is a PCI implementation for connecting PCI devices to Amiga computers, expanding the Amiga with all kinds of industry-standard hardware products like graphic, sound, network, USB, TV tuner, ISDN and MPEG-2 hardware decoder PCI cards.

Moreover, the Mediator PCI busboard is ready for SharkPPC PCI cards based on the latest PowerPC G3 and G4 processors.

Hardware Requirements
The minimum hardware configuration is:
Amiga 3000D in the standard desktop case.

The recommended configuration is: Amiga 3000D in the standard desktop case, any 68060 (or PPC with 68060) turbo card with 128MB RAM, a SharkPPC G3/G4 card with 256MB SDRAM, a Voodoo3 graphic card.

The Mediator PCI 3000Di features:

3 PCI slots (PCI 2.2 compatible)
For simultaneous use of up to three PCI cards fully assimilated in the Amiga environment.

3 Zorro III/II slots
For simultaneous use of up to three Zorro III/II cards.

33MHz PCI clock (66MHz with SharkPPC G3/G4)
With the PCI clock running at 33MHz, data transfers are executed with the bandwidth of up to 132MB/s and up to 264MB/s for 66MHz clocking.

32-bit PCI datapatch
Longword transfers are supported in all data transfer types: PCI to Amiga, Amiga to PCI and PCI to PCI.

4GB PCI memory space
Mediator PCI 3000Di allows access to the entire 4GB of the PCI memory space.

Busmastering/DMA in all PCI slots
Mediator PCI supports the busmastering mechanism in all its PCI slots. The PCI cards in the busmaster mode can offer extremely fast DMA access (up to 132MB/s) without any CPU load. Up to two PCI busmaster cards may be used simultaneously in Mediator 3000Di.

SDRAM/SGRAM of PCI gfx card as a DMA buffer
Mediator PCI 3000Di can use part of the graphic card memory for Amiga system needs. Thus, the entire system gains in performance as graphic card's SDRAM/SGRAM memory modules are about 10x faster than FastRAM memory in Amiga turbo cards. With very short access time in SDRAM/SGRAM, several PCI busmaster cards may use this memory simultaneously. The PCI cards may then rush at the data transfer rate of up to 132MB/s without any CPU load.

DMA to A3000 motherboard space
Mediator PCI 3000Di includes a busmastering controller supporting transfers between PCI cards and the A3000 motherboard space.

Address and data parity control support
Address and data parity are supported in all Mediator slots. Parity support is necessary for using PCI cards like Sound Blaster Audigy, Sound Blaster Live! or ForteMedia FM801-based PCI cards.

Interrupt controller (4 lines to each PCI card)
The Mediator Interrupt Controller manages four independent PCI interrupt lines.

PCI and Zorro
Mediator PCI 3000Di
enables simultaneous operation of up to three PCI cards and up to three Zorro III/II cards.

Compatible Processor Card Models
Mediator PCI 3000Di is compatible with all A4000 processor card models.

Installation is very easy. Simply replace the original Commodore A3000 Daugther Board with new Mediator PCI 3000Di.

Mediator PCI 3000Di, PCI, Zorro III and Zorro II cards in the slots fit perfectly in the standard A3000 desktop case.

Tte list of the supported PCI card models: see the Mediator Driver Guide.

The following PCI cards are currently supported in Mediator PCI 3000Di:
• Graphic cards,
• USB cards,
• Fast Ethernet 100Mbps cards,
• Ethernet 10Mbps cards,
• TV tuner cards,
• Sound cards.

For the complete list of the supported PCI card models: see the Mediator Driver Guide.

Mediator PCI 3000Di is also equipped with an extended software pack including the Mediator Multimedia CD.

Info on the current software versions is available in the DOWNLOADS | Mediator section.

Mediator PCI 3000Di (incl. MM CD)
Suggested Retail Price (VAT and local taxes excluded): see Product Price List.


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Mediator Multimedia CD



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