New drivers and new production of Mediators and FastATA controllers
[23 April 2014]

New version of pci.library (ver. 9.9) has been released today. New library allows to use 2x128MB Radeon gfx card with Mediator Window Size set to 256MB (as for now Mediator Window with such gfx card had to be set to 512MB). It facilitates to use more Zorro III cards in the Mediator based systems.

New pci.library is enclosed in the MM_CD_UP2.2 archive available for download at DOWNLOAD | Mediator PCI Software page.

New version of ATA3.driver (ver. 11.3) for FastATA 1200 CF/SATA controllers has been released today. New driver significantly increases the speed of Compact Flash cards in the NO_INT mode.

New ATA3.driver is enclosed in the FastATA'99v11.3a3.8 archive available for download at DOWNLOAD | FastATA Software page.

New batch of Mediator 1200TX boards will be available from 28 April.

New batch of FastATA 4000 CF/SATA controllers will be available from 28 April. Controllers from new batch will be equipped with new BootROM (ver. 8.0) which improves support of the CF cards.

New batch of Mediator 4000Di boards will be available from 30 April.

The production of TurboFlyer 530, the new 68030-based accelerator with integrated FastATA CF/SATA controller for Amiga 500/500+ and A2000 computers, has been rescheduled to the end of Q2 2014. More info about this turbo card you can find in the TurboFlyer 530 announcement page.

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