Radeon drivers for Mediators
[15 March 2008]

Elbox Computer is pleased to announce releasing Mediator drivers for the Picasso96 gfx system for PCI graphic cards based on the ATI Radeon 9200 series chipset.

The Radeon 9200 series PCI cards features

- Dual integrated display controllers
- 64 or 128 MB of 64 or 128-bit 400MHz DDR SGRAM memory
- 400MHz integrated RAMDACs with refresh rates up to 200Hz
- resolution up to 2048x1536x32@85Hz
- two VGA, or one VGA and one DVI-I connector
- on board S-Video connector for TV-Out


The main goal of the releasing Mediator support for the Radeon 9200 series cards is a wide availability of these powerful, in-expensive, factory new cards in the PCI format.

Radeon Advantages

Apart from faster graphic engine, bigger memory compared with the Voodoo cards, the Radeon 9200s provide much faster PCI-to-PCI read accesses from their graphic memory. This feature results in increasing performance of the PCI busmaster cards (like Spider or FastEthernet), which use this memory for their DMA buffers.

Radeon Overlay Support

As the Elbox Radeon driver supports Radeon overlay function, the supported PCI TV tuner cards work on the Radeon screen in all PIP and backdrop modes (as shown at TV screenshots page) without any Amiga processor load.

Radeon & Voodoo cohabitation

The Radeon PCI card can be used in the Mediator systems together with the Voodoo gfx card, which allows work on two (or more) monitors simultaneousely. Here you can see the list of currently supported screen modes in this configuration. In Mediator systems where two gfx cards are installed (Radeon and Voodoo), all DMA buffers are automatically redirected to the Radeon card memory.


The Radeon Mediator drivers are designed for all MEDIATOR models. However, as most of the Radeon 9200 PCI series cards require the 3.3V auxiliary PCI power supply, they will work out of the box only in the Mediator 1200 TX and Mediator 1200 SX busboards with the ATX power supply.

PCI Radeon cards may also be used in other Mediator models, but it will require installing the Radeon card in the special PCI adapter which provides an auxiliary 3.3V power supply. Elbox is planning to produce a PCI 3.3V power adapter riser. It will include the bracket for the low profile Mobility Radeon 9200 card model available in Elbox Online Store.


The OS3.x Radeon Mediator driver will be available free of charge for all Mediator Multimedia CD registered users in the upcoming 1.28 update.

The comprehensive list of supported Radeon cards will be available at the Mediator Driver Guide.

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