Elbox ships D-BOX 1200
[26 July 2005]

Elbox Computer is now shipping D-BOX 1200, the new tower system for Amiga 1200 computers.

Detailed photos of the D-BOX tower system have been published
www.elbox.com/d-box_1200_photos.html and at

D-BOX 1200 is designed for these Amiga 1200 users who want to upgrade their computers with the
DRAGON 1200, a ColdFire-based accelerator card combined with the PCI/AGP Expansion busboard. D-BOX 1200 allows also using other busboards like Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 LT4, Mediator PCI 1200 LT2, Mediator PCI 1200 or G-REX 1200.

Tower case for Amiga 1200 computers
350W ATX power supply unit
PC keyboard interface (optional)
4 bays for 5.25" drives
(one CD drive bay cover included)
1 bay for the Amiga floppy disk drive
(FDD front panel included)
5 internal bays for 3.5" hard disk drives
2 USB connectors on the front panel
Chassis structure: steel
Possible assembly of:

- Dragon 1200
Mediator 1200 SX
Mediator 1200 LT4
- G-REX 1200
- A1200 with turbo card only

  Note: Some busboards require an additional ATX-to-AT converter.
Front panel:
- - POWER button
- - RESET button
- - Green LED: power supply unit working
- - Red LED: HDD working
The case structure guarantees EMC
  electromagnetic noise shielding


For more information about the D-BOX 1200 tower system, please visit the Elbox website at www.elbox.com/products/d-box_1200.html.

Pricing and availability:
The D-BOX 1200 with PC-Key 1200 is now shipping at the suggested retail price of EUR 199.95 (VAT included) or US$199.95 (VAT excluded). To locate an authorized distributor in your area visit the Elbox Computer website at <http://www.elbox.com/buy.html>.

To purchase D-BOX 1200 online visit the Elbox Online Store for European Union customers or for customers from other countries.

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