D-BOX 1200
New Tower System

[17 May 2005]

Elbox Computer is happy to announce a new tower system for Amiga 1200 computers. D-BOX 1200 is a perfectly designed, modern, functional, spacious tower case.

D-BOX 1200 is designed targeted for these Amiga 1200 users who want to upgrade their computers with the DRAGON 1200, a ColdFire-based accelerator card combined with the PCI/AGP Expansion busboard. D-BOX 1200 allows also using other busboards like Mediator PCI 1200 SX, Mediator PCI 1200 LT4 or Mediator PCI 1200.

After all of the amazing Amiga chassis designs that Elbox released in the past few years, the D-BOX 1200 includes the first chassis with the movable back bracket bays born after extensive research and development by the Elbox engineers.

The D-BOX 1200 is much more performance-oriented and versatile than all previous towers for Amiga 1200 computers. Standard features such as four 5.25” drive bays, five 3.5” drive bays, and a chassis prepared to perfectly fit A1200 motherboard with many different PCI and Zorro busboards are combined with new elements like USB ports in the front panel or a movable front cover bay for CD-ROM.
D-BOX 1200 tower system with a powerful 350W ATX PSU is ready for massive expandability of your A1200 hardware.

D-BOX 1200 replaces the discontinued Mirage 1200 and E/BOX 1200 (also known as A1200 Power Tower and A1200 Winner Tower) Amiga tower systems.

Pricing and availability

The D-BOX 1200 Tower will be on sale from early June 2005 at the suggested retail price of only EUR 149.95 or US$194.95 (VAT and local taxes excluded).

For more information see: D-BOX 1200

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