Support for new TV card models: MM CD Update 1.26
[14 September 2004]

Elbox Computer is pleased to have completed development of drivers for a series of new TV card models, these drivers being released today. See the Mediator Driver Guide for the current list of PCI TV cards supported in MEDIATOR busboards.

The MM CD 1.26 update is free for all registered Mediator Multimedia CD users.

Additionally, the new tv.library ver. 4.0 has added Stereo-NICAM TV sound processing for TV cards fitted with a single-chip Digital TV Sound Demodulator-Decoder TDA9874A by Philips.

The new library has added processing of the new Front End by
YMEC: TVision 5V TVF-8533B/DF. These Front Ends are installed in the latest Prolink TV cards, e.g. in the now-supported PixelView PlayTV Pro MPEG. New Front Ends are much more sensitive than those fitted in older TV card models. Quality of the broadcast is now excellent, even when the antenna signal is relatively weak.

The new library has added processing of the new radio sets installed in the latest TV cards. These are single-chip, digitally tuned FM stereo radio sets TEA5767 by Philips. To ensure handling new radio sets, the API of tv.library was expanded. The current developer's documentation (ver. 4.0) is available from the Mediator Multimedia CD 1.26. The new tv.library is compatible backwards with all the previous tv.library functions maintained. As a result, the current versions of TV card control GUI--like TvR and SuperTV--work with the new tv.library without any modifications.

The MM CD 1.26 update includes also the new driver for Fast Ethernet 10/100Mbps cards. The FastEthernet.device ver. 1.15 driver has been reworked for AmigaOS4 compatibility.

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The current list of supported PCI cards is available in the Mediator Driver Guide.
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