Elbox dispels the last rumour on Mediator PCI
[16 March 2001]

Mediator PCI, the hardware expansion for Amiga computers, has proved to be the real breakthrough product in the Amiga market. Its incredible sales figures, still increasing, which means a large forum of its actual users, is the satisfactory proof Mediator's advantages. This busboard definitely enhanced capacities of Amiga computers by way of introducing management for PCI-standard cards -- for the first time in Amiga. By the way, there are no competitive products for this purpose; some companies envied ELBOX Computer this successful invention and (successfully) created vapourware...

The next stage in expanding your Amiga computer is then... the SharkPPC turbo card, which is now in the final development stage.

Mediator is not a product to be easily overlooked. Its huge performance capacity plus expanding Amigas with PCI support make it UNRIVALED in the Amiga market. And with the technology advancement, Mediator now is a MUST buy for every serious Amiga user.

As it always happens with good and useful products, especially when they have no competition in the market, some people due to their incompetence or ill will or God knows what try to discredit Mediator by giving unverified information for the public. Our obligation, as a producer and supporter of Amiga users, is then to explain away all the false information. Here, we provide more answers to such bad publicity stories.

Rumour: With the jumper setting at the 8MB mode, there are vertical line trashing the screen, you may have a buggy Mediator board.

Not true. "Vertical lines" in the screen do not result from any errors in the Mediator board. Their presence signifies a hardware protection measure installed in early Mediator busboards.

To eliminate those vertical lines, just change the "memory window" jumper setting to 4MB, following the user's manual.

The protection was aimed at enabling sales of commercial software for the Mediator busboard, which would have been protected with a hardware key sold along with the software. Due to talks conducted in the WOA 2000 fair, these plans have been changed in reference to distribution methods for graphic drivers with the implemented full hardware acceleration. As a result, in all Mediators sold after 13 December 2000, this protection is no longer present.

We do not expect offering an upgrade of the MACH chip, in which the protection is embedded. Alternatively, within the coming days, we shall offer totally new graphic software for Mediator, which enables full performance of the busboard irrespective of the "memory window" jumper setting.

We are certian that this new brillinat piece of software will make your work and entertainment with Amiga even more appealing.

Mariusz Siaczyklow
ELBOX COMPUTER, Press Department

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