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I just want to thank you for an EXCELLENT product and fast services!!!!
I connected the Cocolino to my KVM switch and it works straight out of the box, finally I can ditch my old Amiga mouse.
I didn't know a PS/2 mouse could be this impressive ;)

Thanks again, I'm still impressed.



I recieved the Mirage 4000 Pro Saturday. I installed
everything: Mediator, X-surf card, Commodore 4091,
AD516 card w/output directly to my Mcintosh system
(McINTOSH, NOT MACintosh :> ), Voodoo 4, PCI NIC,
Cyberstorm PPC 604, and ROM-2-RAM card, (2)18GB 10k
Cheetah SCSI U160 harddrives w/ 18 partitions total
using active termination, IDE CD ROM master, IDE CDRW
slave. Installed tons of extra cooling fans,
(screwed, glued, cut and soldered) at least 8 small
ones, plus one super-duty 2.0amp screamer. By Sunday
afternoon I was done with the hardware. I hooked up
my multisync to the Voodoo and my 1962 to the Amiga
video and then powered everything up. First I said a
prayer. :) And wouldn't you know it, the prayer
worked!! After messing around with the drivers for
everything and a clean format and install of 3.9, I
now own one BAD-ASS Amiga! Could not be happier!
Thank you very much. GREAT PRODUCT.



I just wanted to thank you for your great Mouse-adapter Cocolino.

I bought a "Typhoon Stream Optical Mouse" that is actually a USB mouse but also has a USB-to-PS/2 adapter. It worked without problems to connect the adapter to Cocolino and that way it's even possible to connect a USB-mouse with the Amiga without special USB hardware&drivers.

Thanks for supporting the Amiga.



Just when you think nothing more can be done with the Amiga along comes Elbox and lifts it to a new level of use.

Do these computers ever die?
Having used this 1200 since the early 90's, adding (and sometimes subtracting) hardware has only increased my determination to stick with this platform. For me the best upgrade is the Mediator and in saying this I am not disparaging the older add-ons.

The Shark PPC just looks awesome. With this and OS 4.0 I will have a new computer. Thank you Elbox.



Thank you very much for your very fast and friendly support! You Elbox guys
are simply great! Your support and your products enrich the amiga community
priceless! Now my PPC system works great! I am very happy. :)



Your excellent hardware made 'old' amiga leap a few more years to front also
keeping up with actual hardware standards.

I'm a bit sorry that it took so long for a true company to realise the high
potential in the amiga system and starting to support it with pretty good
and well funktioning hardware!!!
On your company's philosophie I appreciate most that you 'do' deliver
working hardware not only in form of bla bla. Furthermore against most other
manufacturers statements saying 'that's not possible on amiga or 'it's just
too slow' you PROVE that it is possible to be done!!!

Look at your wonderfull PCI bridges, USB 2.0 HIGHSPEED and other really
urgend needed thinks.

Congratulations! Great job you're doing! Keep on going, stay with us!



I can just looking in front of me and watch the computer that I am using
at the moment. It works fantastically well!
Thanks by a lot of serious people liking this computer and sees it´s
possibilities, as you do!

I can tell you that since the last usb driver, the one before this coming
I could benefit from my SmartMedia card reader TravelFlash and be
using it as a storge device. Writing to it works great. So now I could
save my work even on this Media. It could be a .txt file or a .jpg.

My newly bought wireless optical Mini mouse, Mr Platinum, works at the
same time as the card reader.
Tomorrow I will receive my Canon S900 Color printer, which is said to
be one of the best. Great testresults all over the world.
I will connect it to my Spidercard USB port and then being able getting
real photos printed out!


You're GREAT with the surprize of the usb card !!! Now Amigas are
ready for beating everything MANY THANKS & CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


Together and working fantastic,Hope that the Sharkppc
comes out as i dont want to buy another computer.


When I bought the FastATA 1200 it really made a difference and my Amiga
sprung to life once again! The Mediator transformed my Amiga into a nice
and very usefull system to a price that was "too low" ;) The Mediator is
the best add-on hardware ever produced for A1200... keep up the good work
Elbox, and roll on with new drivers and the Shark!! :)


I've had my Mediator for over 18 months now and I am
very impressed with it. Being able to add an off the
shelf PCI graphics card and soundcard have made a huge
difference to my A1200. More than any other
expansion, the Mediator has totally transformed my
Amiga, making it much nicer to use (and look at!).
The Mediator has not let me down in any way, nor have
I been disappointed with it's performance in any way,
nice job guys.


The Mediator is a great system! Thanks!


I recently bought a mediator ZIV. It works briliantly!!!
Keep up the good work!

I'm using a Voodoo3 3000, a ethernet card, a soundblaster 128i
and a pixelview pro tv card. They all work fine.
(I can surf the net, watch tv, play mp3 and so on, even simultanously)


I recently purchased the Mediator ZIV for my A1200.
There just one small thing I wanted to tell you.....

"Where have you been all of these years? These cards
are the best the Amiga market has ever seen.
Keep up the excelent job you're doiing!"

I already have a 1200 Tower, a 4000 Tower, 2 fast Ata ZIII controllers,
the Allegro CDFS wich comes with the IDE splitter, a zorro IV busboard,
a 7xZorroII/III-6PCI busboard and I still want more of these beautifull
pieces of magnificent hardware!!! I'm youre greatest fan! (-;
Get the SHARK PPC on the road!!!


I am glad to see that you still are developing drivers for us supp-
orting the Amiga. I have been using my FAST ATA GOLD (PowerFlyer)
for a long time and are very satiesfied. As I am for the MEDIATOR PCI
1200. My computer, Amiga 1200, 060, works great and I have purchased
a lot of new software for it which is working great with this new hard-
ware. (I am really looking forward for the SHARK PPC as well, and the
new OS 4.0).



I byed a PowerFlyer 1200 MK2

Your Hardware is fantastic.....I have also a POWER TOWER and it ROCKS !!!!!!


Ohh... Happy Easter to you all at Elbox. You deserve it alot, as one of
those companies that kept the Amiga alive, and given me the oppertunity to
enjoy PCI in my Amiga!! Thanks alot and good luck in the future, I will
stay... I hope you will... =)


I have to pop in and encourage your hard work again.

I have been using my TV-card and VHI-Studio for a couple of weeks
now and must say that I am really impressed!

The usability of my TV-card has risen a lot, more than I ever could

Grabbing pictures from TV and VideoCD movies is one thing, but be-
ing able using my Olympus DigiCam as a VideoCamera was more than
I had expected. Just great!

My Voodoo3 card is working better and better the whole time from
your regularly Updates, as well.

I wish you all the best for the future, and I will recommend your
brand for everyone I will meet!

Thanks again from a very pleased customer!

YES!!! Your the greatest!!!!!!

Thank you for the best support in lifetime.


I own many products from you, like Mrhoocheck, Mediator ZIV, ZIV Busboard, Powerflyer ZIV, Power Tower.. etc.

I want tell you that I'm very happy with your products and your support, the
best that you can find now for classic amiga, plesae keep your fantastic work.

Thanks you a lot for your support, please keep the good work. :)


Thanks, thanks!!! ELBOX

I have to pop in again and thank you for your great work!

I´ve been hardtesting VHI-Studio together with my TV-card all this
day, and it´s stunning!
I can grab pictures from old VCR videos I´ve made 11 years ago!...
Rework the pictures in fxPAINT or ArtEffect a bit and
wonderful pictures turns up!!! I have also grabbed beatuful pic-
tures from all my VideoCDs, Sting, Pavarotti, StarTrek, Mr Bean...
name them all.

Just to grab old great pictures...or short mpeg movies!

I am so happy...I am so happy! You turned my computer 1000% up!

Regards Tommy

Thanks very much for the latest Mediator update.
This is the best bit of Amiga hardware I've ever bought.



ELBOX have done it again!!!

I really I have to pop in and just saying thank you for updating the
MEDIATOR drivers and MM CD. I ordered VHI-Studio as quickly as I could,
and I must say I am amazed what your programmers
could do! It is just great being able grabbing pictures from my old
StarTrek VideoCDs, which is connected to my TV-card.

At the moment I am busy learning recording videos as well.

Using my Olympus DigiCam together wirh VHI-Studio is also great.
I am just missing a faster serial port, so I am hoping on you getting the
Amiga user the possibility for this as well. PCI solution is great!

Best wishes and Regards from an enthoustiastic ELBOX friend!


I'm a A1200 Mediator user and I'm very happy.
I use a SB 128 + an ethernet card + a voodoo 3.
I have baught the driver's CD and all works very well.

Congratulations for your very good job.


Hello Elbox guys!! :)
This email is not a request.. it's a supplication.


With Shark, the history of Amiga will continue and Elbox
will be the base for development of OS 4.0 PPC and
the most important... the base for the translation of
68k applications for PPC.

Shark will be the initial start for AmigaOS become a real PPC OS and
maybe in the end of next year, you guys, can realize the SharkPRO.

SHARKPRO, in my insane mind, means a new MotherBoard
with two G5 CPUs slots, AGP 4x, 200Mhz FSB, DDR RAM and
100% compatible with the AmigaClassic (AGA).

Sorry for this claim but me, as an user and enthusiast of Elbox's products,
want to see Elbox in the TOP, leading the future of Amiga.

Thanks for all those years that YOU GUYS are contributing for the community.


Thanks for the update and for checking my startup-sequence. Everything
works now. Your customer service is GREAT!


I ´ve just pop in and greet you for your great work with new
updated drivers for the fantastic PCI board Mediator. I have
really got a brand new Amiga with new great possibilities.
I wish your team good luck for the future.


Thanks. Elbox revitalised amiga!

My mediator is fantastic!!!!!
Elbox is always the best!!!!!!!!! Come on guys!!!!! =)


All The Best and Thanks for your excellent
Support!!!!! and for stay always whith the AMIGA!!!!!


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou thankyou!!!!! :)
SB128 now works great with Audio Evolution. Looks like xmas has come early.

Can anyone tell I am in a good mood :)


Thanks for the fantastic Mediator Package, much appreciated! :-)


Elbox is greeeaaattttt!!!!

Ps: a parma (italy), i and my amigan friends have all mediator (5 amigas)!!!!! =)


I must say, you ELBOX are a wonderful
team. And as I´m determined to
stick to Amiga, I´m very happy
to know that you are there supporting
good old AMY!!!

Thank you...MK

I'am a very happy and satisfied user of the mediator board.


I just bought a Mediator Board & am very happy with it.


Some month ago I bought a FastATA 1200.
It Works great and I would like Thank You for the Good job!



Thankyou :-) The Mediator setup is truely the best Update my Amiga setup has ever recieved.

Just so long as you know you have all done a EXCELLENT job over the years and I hope to see more of your kit over the years to come. If I could, I would hug you all! :-)


I've recently purchased your fantastic Winner Tower case for the A1200 and
I'm very statisfied with it.

That would be very kind of you cause you are one of the best hardware
developer/producer for (classic) Amiga computers.


Thank you and You are doing an excellent job. I am glad that Amiga has gone PCI.


Special Big Thanks for EL-Box

FastATA - hardware best
Mediator - Best for the Best


Keep up the good work as you produce some of the very best
add ons for the Amiga that are available in the market today.


Congratulations!!! The mediator is an excellent product!!!


A PPC-Board is a good investment, but with your mediator for A1200 AND A4000
Amiga Community gains a fantastic new pool of usable hardware!!!


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